Custom Orthotics
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DOLA… Your Total Custom Orthotic Solution

DOLA Orthotics provides the latest in custom CAD/CAM orthotic design and manufacturing. Advanced 3D Scanning technology including iPad cutting edge solutions, we provide healthcare professionals with the ultimate total digital clinic solution.


  • Direct Milled Polypropylene, Direct Milled EVA, D-Carbon & 3D Printed custom orthotics
  • 2 types of Digital 3D Scanners

The benefits and differences are for all to see.

Direct Milled

Direct Milled Polypropylene Orthotics from the finest solid sheets of custom German polypropylene. DOLA’s custom blend of polypropylene has been developed over the last 10 years and is exclusive to us.


Direct milled polypropylene is stronger than the same thickness of vacuum formed polypropylene. This allows our devices to be up to 30% thinner for the same control. Our thickness’s differ by fractions of a millimetre giving you the ultimate control over flexibility and support whilst reducing unnecessary bulk.

3D Printed

Change what is possible with 3D Printed Orthotics.


Work with our 3D design team to create a custom corporate design for your practice.

Direct Milled

Direct Milled EVA Orthotics using the highest quality and most consistent EVA from Ultralon.

DOLA Scanners

We offer the following 3D foot scanners:
DOLA iPad Scanner
iQube Mini 3D Scanner

For more detail, click the link below…