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Wanting to Use Our Lab

How do I request a sample pack?

Email or call us for a sample pack which includes a direct milled Poly and EVA orthotic sample, prescription forms and pricelist.

Do you accept plaster casts? Or just scans?

Yes, we accept:

  • Plaster casts
  • Foam impression boxes
  • Digital foot scans
What is your turn around time?

Your orthotics will be dispatched within 5 working days of receipt of your fully completed prescription and foot impressions/scans.

What scan formats do you accept?

Please send us a test scan from your current scanner as many file formats are supported by our software package. (eg. STL)

How much are the orthotics?

Please email or call for our current pricelist.

Using Our Lab

How do I complete/understand your prescription form?

We supply a comprehensive prescription manual that goes through the prescription form step by step with variable explanations and pictures. There are also video resources here.

How do I submit my prescription?
  • Send a hard copy with your casts/foam impressions; or
  • Email together with your scans; or
  • Complete web based prescription form and upload system
How do I send my plaster cast or foam impressions?

A prepaid courier will collect your casts from your practice. This is complimentary when you send 2 or more pairs at a time.

How do I receive my orthotics?

Your orthotics will be delivered by courier with online tracking. We will also email you on dispatch.

How do I send digital scans?
  • Web based upload and prescription system; or
  • Send via email
How long do you keep the orthotic design for?

Your orthotic design is digitally stored indefinitely, allowing easy ordering of repeat pairs or modification of design parameters.

Do you offer an express service?

Yes. You can request your orthotics to be made ASAP. These are guaranteed to be designed, milled, covered and dispatched within 48hrs of receiving the completed prescription and casts/scans. A surcharge applies to this service.

Existing Customers

How do I order more courier satchels?

Please call or email us.

I am having trouble with my courier service, who do I contact?

Please call or email us.

How do I confirm you have received my order?

Please call or email us.

How do I order a repeat pair of a previous DOLA orthotics?

Your orthotic design is kept indefinitely and can easily be repeated. Please lodge a new prescription form or please call or email us.

How do I duplicate an old pair of orthotics from another lab?

Please send the original orthotic plus foot impression and prescription and we will replicate it as close as possible. 100% perfect copies are not possible due to differing manufacturing systems and software packages.

How do I check on the status of an orthotic?

Clients receive an email at the time of dispatch of their orthotics which will be sent within 5 working days of receipt of full prescription information and foot impressions. If you require an update within this time please call or email us.

How do I ask a prescription question?

Please email us or call to speak to the lab manager or consultant Podiatrist.

How do I get more prescription pads?

Please call or email us.

How do I get help with the web based prescription form and file upload?

Please call or email us.

How do I change a prescription I have submitted?

Please call or email us as soon as possible.