DOLA | Prefab Orthotics
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DOLA…Orthoticks – Your Prefabricated Orthotic Solution

We offer a full range of pre-fabricated orthotics from our partner Orthoticks. These are specifically designed to allow practitioners to prevent and treat common lower limb conditions. For general use, performance and sporting applications, sensitive patients and a fully customisable design which allows the practitioner the ultimate in prescription options.


  • Orthoticks Pro (EVA) Range – 10 sizes, 3 densities: Pro 70 (soft), Pro 80 (medium) & Pro 85 (hard)
  • Orthoticks Poly Range – 9 sizes, 5 Styles
  • Additions & Self Adhesive Top covers – for complete customisation

Orthoticks Pro Range

Providing outstanding function and features to your patients in a customisable, prefabricated, cost effective package.


:: Ready as is; or

:: Easily customisable in clinic; or

:: Customised by our in-lab service

Orthoticks Poly Range

Tough and ready using thermoplastic polymer specifically formulated for orthotic use. Customisable, with antimicrobial, moisture wicking performance top covers.


Anti-slip bottom covers providing seamless footwear integration and superior comfort and shank independent.

Orthoticks Additions

Our Additions are self adhesive and include:

Top Cover Strips, Poron Strips, Wedge Strips, Mortons Extension, Reverse Mortons Extension, Forefoot Wedges, Metatarsal Domes, Metatarsal Bars, Arch Pads 3mm and 6mm.