Support Videos
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DOLA… Prescription Support Videos

The following videos outline the variables available on our detailed prescription form and web-based prescription service.

The videos provide definitions and illustrations of each variable to aid in developing the best orthotics for your patients.

Shell Material:: Polypropylene / EVA / 3D Printed
Metatarsal Domes and Bars
Forefoot Extension
Forefoot Extensions Varus & Valgus
Mortons & Reverse Mortons Extension
Arch Pad/Cookie
Midfoot Fills
Heel Aperture
Heel Raise
Rearfoot Pad & Cushion
1st Metatarsal Head Cutout
Gait Plates
Heel Cup Height
Heel Cup Width
Heel Skives:: Medial & Lateral
Lateral Arch
Lateral Flange
Medial Flange
Medial Arch Fill & Arch Height
Medial Arch Highpoint Position
Medial Arch Profile
Mortons Extension (in shell)
Plantar Fascial Groove
Shell Shape
Shell Width
Forefoot Postings
Rearfoot Postings