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TECHNOLOGY… How Our Process Works

At DOLA computer aided design (CAD) technology is used to perform precision cast corrections. This technology replaces manual plaster work while still servicing traditional prescription variables.


Your patients negative cast or foam impression is scanned and a computer generated “virtual positive” is created. Your prescription variables are applied to the “virtual positive” and computer aided manufacture (CAM) is utilised to produce custom orthotics to your exact design specifications.

STEP 01. Plaster Cast, Digital Scan or Impression Box

Cast or Foam Box:: Send cast/foam box and prescription form to us

Scanner:: Use our online web portal + scan upload

iPad Scanner & DOLA App:: Scan, clinical photos, In-built prescription, direct order through the app

STEP 02. Computerised Orthotic Design

By our team of CAD designers, Podiatrists & Biomechanists

STEP 03. Computerised Orthotic Manufacturing

3D Printing and 100% Direct Milled

STEP 04. Your Orthotics are dispatched

– Standard service 5 working days

– 24/48/72hr express services available

– Australia/NZ orders sent with Startrack couriers

– USA/UK/Europe/Asia/Middle East sent with DHL & Fedex


CAD: Computer Aided Design
DIGITAL SCANNING: Allows a high resolution accurate 3D image of the foot, cast or impression box to be captured and imported into the design software. We welcome a range of scanners and file types, to check your scanner compatibility please send us a test file.


ACCURACY & CONSISTENCY: The creation of a “virtual” positive allows unparalleled accuracy and consistency for the application of your prescription variables to the foot scan.


UNLIMITED DESIGN STORAGE: Your orthotic design is digitally stored indefinitely and can be used for future repeat orders or modified to satisfy your changing prescription requirements.


CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing
REDUCE BULK: Direct milling allows us to reduce orthotic bulk with variable thickness technology.


FLEXIBILITY OPTIONS: Polypropylene orthotic shell thickness’ can be modified by fractions of a millimetre resulting in a wide range of flexibility options to suit your prescription needs.