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DOLA Orthotics is your one stop solution for custom orthotics, prefabricated orthotics and DIY orthotic supplies.

DOLA offers an orthotic to meet your prescription needs from prefabricated to custom, simple to complex and DIY to lab supply.

Originally a traditional plaster lab founded by Australian Podiatrists in 2000. DOLA now supplies custom & prefabricated orthotics to medical professionals throughout Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and the United States.

Our custom orthotics are designed and manufactured in Australia using the latest in custom orthotic CAD/CAM and 3D Printing technology from your choice of cast, impression or 3D scan.

Our extensive range of prefabricated orthotics and additions are designed by clinicians for clinicians to suit a wide range of patient types and usage options.

Our range of exclusive DOLA products and education & training are designed to support you to provide everybody the orthotic they need.

Be proud to prescribe your patients DOLA Orthotics.

Custom orthotic products & services

  • Direct Milled Polypropylene, Direct Milled EVA & 3D Printed custom foot orthotics
  • We accept Casts, Foam Impressions and Digital Scans
  • CAD digital orthotic design
  • Prescription manuals, training and support from our group of Podiatrists
  • Custom Orthotics dispatched by courier within 5 working days of receiving your cast/scan and prescription
  • Express services with 24hr,48hr & 72hr dispatches available
  • Unlimited digital storage of orthotic designs for easy repeat orders or modifications
  • Designed and made in Australia

Prefabricated orthotic products & services

  • DOLA Pro EVA prefabricated orthotic range
  • Full length, 3/4 length & dress styles
  • 10 sizes from kids to adults
  • Soft, medium & hard densities
  • Ready for immediate dispense
  • Easy DIY customisation with additions and covers
  • Lab customisation service direct to your clinic
  • Online education and training portal

Exclusive DOLA Products

  • DOLA Education & Training: manuals and videos
  • DOLA App: Instantly order materials, stock and prescribe customised pro series orthotics. Available on the App Store and Google Play
  • DOLA iPad Scanner App: In-built prescription platform for iPad 3D scanners
  • DOLA Online Prescriptions: Open source scan and prescription upload
  • DOLAbetic: For diabetic offloading and management of plantar tissue stress

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