DOLA PRO Customisation Course

DOLA PRO Customisation Course

DOLA PRO Customisation Course 900 900 Dola Orthotics
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Course Description

This video course covers the DOLA PRO CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS

In this course you will explore:

Common In-Clinic Additions – Poron:
– Metatarsal Dome
– Metatarsal Bar
– Reverse Mortons Extension
– Medial Arch Pad
– Lateral Arch Pad
– Cuboid Pad

Common In-Clinic Additions EVA:
– Heel Raise
– Forefoot Valgus Extension
– Forefoot Varus Extension
– Rearfoot Varus Post Addition
– Rearfoot Valgus Post Addition

DOLA Tech Plate Additions:
– In-Toeing Gaitplate
– Out-Toeing Gaitplate
– Toewalker Plate
– Mortons Extension

Intrinsic Grinds & Fit Customisations:
– Rearfoot Varus Post Grind
– Rearfoot Valgus Post Grind
– Medial Plantar Grind
– Lateral Plantar Grind
– Plantar Fascial Groove
– 1st Metatarsal Cut Out
– Divot Accommodation
– Styloid Accommodation
– Metatarsal Head Accommodation
– Heel Cup Height Reduction
– Medial Taper
– Lateral Taper
– Rearfoot Post Taper
– Rearfoot Thickness Reduction
– Change Orthotic From Full Length to 3/4 length

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