The DOLAbetic Solution
for diabetic offloading + management
of plantar tissue stress


Plantar Tissue Stress

Plantar tissue stress is associated with the risk of complications including ulceration in patients with diabetes or diabetic foot disease.

Plantar tissue stress is a combination of vertical and shear forces that occur during weight-bearing activity.


DOLAbetic Solution

If your patient is at risk of ulceration, has mild foot deformity or areas of callus you can manage plantar tissue stress with a custom orthotic or customised prefabricated orthotic that addresses your patients foot type, biomechanics and replicates your successful padding or footwear modification.



Patient Ready Orthotics – Sensitive

Need an instant solution? Use our Patient Ready Sensitive, available in 11 sizes and pre-covered with our diabetic anti-shear top cover.

DOLA Custom

Your custom solution, send us your prescription along with casts, foam impression boxes or digital scans.

Replicate successful padding from clinical photography, templates and diagrams.

Custom Padding

Customise your padding and offloading. Use our DOLAbetic template grid to sketch your shape and select from a variety of materials & thicknesses.
Available on all custom and pro orthotics.

Diabetic Anti-Shear Top cover

For the ultimate in cushioning and shear force reduction select our all new Diabetic anti-shear top cover.
Available on all custom and pro orthotics and by the sheet.

How to order

DOLAbetic Pro

We make ordering easy with options to save you time.

  • Order on our App
  • Download a form; or
  • Order on our iPad scanner

how to order

DOLA Custom

We make ordering easy with options to save you time.

  • Order online
  • Download our forms; or
  • Order on our iPad scanner

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