dola pro

Custom Performance in a Prefabricated Orthotic

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, the DOLA Pro range of prefabricated orthotics offers the ultimate in prescription options for your patients, children to adults, everyday to sports & comfort to complex.

Engineered for a range of usage options from instant dispense, DIY modification and advanced modification. The DOLA Pro range offers outstanding function, features and versatility in a customisable and cost effective orthotic.

dola pro

Fit the shoes they want to wear

The Pro is available in 4 styles to suit all footwear types:

  • Pro Full Length
  • Pro 3/4 Length
  • ProFIT
  • ProLite
Not all feet are the same so treat them differently

The DOLA Pro range gives practitioners flexibility in usage options from simple support to advanced modification, instant dispense to complex prescription & DIY manufacture to lab customisation.

  • Use as is / or Ready to Wear (pre-covered)
  • Easy DIY… Customise Yourself In-Clinic; or
  • Use our lab customisation service



pro full length

The DOLA Pro full length is ready to use or easily customisable using our clinical markings and additions.

pro 3/4 length

The DOLA Pro 3/4 design allows for expanded footwear fitting applications.

pro fit

Reduced orthotic footprint for hard to fit footwear.

Combining the function of the DOLA Pro full length with advanced fit technology for the shoes they need to fit.

pro lite

The ultimate option for hard to fit footwear. With ultrathin technology and 3M® adhesive.

Hard to fit has never been so easy.


Designed by clinicians for clinicians with new and improved shapes, materials and features.

top covers & materials

Everything you need for in-clinic DIY.

size chart

advanced customisation manual

The DOLA advanced customisation manual provides prescription support and how to use information on the DOLA Pro range

How to use

Use as is or Ready to Wear

DOLA Pro is designed to meet your patients needs straight from the packet with a stylish and professional finish for instant dispense.

Prefer a pre-covered orthotic? Try our Pro RTW range, pre-covered in a range of popular specialty top covers while still customisable with plantar modifications including grinding or additions.

Available in 6 options for:

  • Diabetic
  • Comfort
  • Everyday
  • Business
  • Sports
  • Kids

how to use

Easy DIY…
Customise Yourself In Clinic

Take advantage of our advanced engineering and time saving features for DIY modification with the DOLA Pro. Create custom performance in a prefabricated orthotic quicker and easier than ever before.

Designed for customisation with:

  • Additions
  • Top covers
  • Grinding
  • Heat molding

how to use

Use our Lab Customisation Service

Save time and let us do it for you. Simply tell us your prescription and we will manufacture and deliver the orthotics directly to your clinic.

Use our Advanced or 5 Step prescription options available via order forms, DOLA Phone App or iPad Scanner.


order forms
order on our app
order on our 3D ipad scanner

how to use


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