• Thermoplastic EVA and PU blend
  • Available in 10 sizes (kids 8 to mens 14+)
  • Stylish/professional
  • Heat mouldable
  • Grindable

Top Cover: 

  • Sports cushion EVA

No additional material required for: 

  • Stable plantar surface
  • Standard Medial and Lateral arch fill
  • Up to 6˚rearfoot varus/valgus post (with grind)
  • 4mm in built heel raise

Clinical Markings: 

  • Heel bisection
  • Rearfoot Varus/Valgus
  • Forefoot Wedges/Extensions
  • Mortons & Reverse Mortons Extensions

Fit Markings: 

  • Heel taper
  • Forefoot taper
  • Medial & Lateral Arch Fill taper
Dola Pro Size (US)

SK (8–10K), MK (11–13K), LK (J1–3), XXS (J4–5; W5–6), XS (J6–7; W7-8), S (M7-8; W9-10), M (M9-10; W11-12), L (M11-12), XL (M13-14), XXL (15+)