Stable Rearfoot Control
Provides stability for transition from heel strike to midstance during foot loading

Medial Arch Support
Supports the transition from midstance into propulsion, improves windlass activation, forefoot stability and high gear toe off

Lateral Arch Support
Stabilises the foot and aids the transition from heel strike to toe off

Heel Cushion
Increased cushioning for the plantar heel

Mild Heel Raise
Reduce tissue stress on posterior structures and improves sagittal plane transition from midstance to propulsion

Full Length Performance EVA Orthotic
Provides optimal cushioning and control

Durafit Top Cover
Luxurious, breathable and durable

Dola Pro Size (US)

XSK (5-7K), SK (8–10K), MK (11–13K), LK (J1–3), XXS (J4–5; W5–6), XS (J6–7; W7-8), S (M7-8; W9-10), M (M9-10; W11-12), L (M11-12), XL (M13-14), XXL (15+)